Ten Frames Counting Pegs

A Kindergarten Math Toy & Montessori Math Manipulative for 3-6 year olds

MASTER NUMBER SENSE: Learn counting, addition, subtraction, & place value with this number toy set

GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD: Toddlers learn counting with the number puzzles while pre-K students & kindergarteners learn beginning math

TACTILE TEN FRAMES: Teaches kindergarten math using the ten frame which allows children to compose & decompose numbers using the included pegs or other math counters of their choice

COMPLETE MATH GAMES SET: The 10 number panels come with matching odd/even pegs & number pieces, 26 double-sided number equation flashcards, & free access to our 50-page Ten Frame Beginning Math Worksheet Set

ECO-FRIENDLY PRESCHOOL MATH TOY: Our durable solid wooden toys are certified non-toxic & kid safe under toy safety standards in the US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, the EU, & the UK. 

A Math Toy That Grows With Your Child

Our number puzzle toy is a Montessori toy for toddlers AND a math manipulative - a perfect addition to your stash of fun learning toddler &  kindergarten material! Educational toys should be multi-age & versatile - both for your child and for your wallet! Our beginning math counting toy set is designed for both counting & number recognition for toddlers
AND more advanced kindergarten & 1st grade arithmetic!

Counting Mastery &
Number Recognition 

Develop one-on-one correspondence between the written number and its value. Children learn how to count as they place each peg into the hole. They then have the opportunity to match, re-order, and test themselves.

The number order & ten frame template keys provided in our flash-card set provide the opportunity for self-correction.

This is designed to maximize independent learning and exploration which aligns perfectly with the purpose of Montessori material being child-led in a parent/teacher prepared environment.

Odd & Even Number Identification 

Children don't need to wait until they're in kindergarten to be exposed to the difference between odd & even numbers.

We believe in the power of control-of-error in learning. The odd number panel boards have circle holes; even boards have square holes. Pegs likewise are shaped accordingly - circle-end rods only fit into the odd boards and square-end rods only fit into the even boards. 

This design helps with pattern recognition and establishes a stronger foundation in preparation for addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc...

Ten Frame Panels to Develop Number Sense

Our number sorting toy promotes creativity, exploration, & the opportunity to create multiple touch-points for learning.

You don't need to give this toy away after your child learns their numbers. Number recognition is just the beginning of math. Our ten frame math design is designed to help children identify the number of things in a set by quickly looking at them without needing to count them.

This learning skill is called "subitizing" and is an important math skill in preparation for addition. 

Try our "GROW-WITH-YOUR-CHILD" wooden math toy and take advantage of our special pre-order & launch price! 

⭐ This is for you if:  ⭐

✔️ You have a toddler, preschooler, pre-K, or kindergartener, or anyone who could use some counting!
✔️ You jive with toys that help develop fine-motor skills and appreciate using manipulatives for math for a more tactile experience.
✔️ You want to provide your child with a very engaging & multi-sensory way to learn counting & number recognition.
✔️ You wish your child had more toys that lasted longer than 1 developmental season.
✔️ You want a number toy to prepare your kindergartener for math! 
✔️ You believe self-exploration and independence within guidelines is the best way to learn.
✔️ You love wooden toys, shopping small, & saving the earth!

Why the TEN FRAME?

Our number toy is based off the design of the ten-frame model. A Ten Frame is typically used in math for 4-7 year olds. Namely, kindergarten/1st grade/Early Years/Year 1.  Ten Frames help children visualize number values. It is a graphic tool constructed by a rectangle made up of 2 rows of 5 squares. Ten Frames help give meaning to numbers as children learn how to compose & decompose numbers in relation to 5 & 10. 

Ten frames are great for working on the skill of subitizing (subitizing is basically the ability to identify a number value by visually recognizing it as a whole instead of counting. For example, we subitize when we can recognize the numbers on a die without needing to count each individual dot). Subitizing is the pre-requesite for addition. 

The holes on our Counting Pegs number panels are arranged in a controlled ten frame design. Once your child is able to correctly "subitize" the value of each board, they can they move on to working on addition, etc... 

What's up with the large cut-out on the wooden panel? 

We designed our Counting Pegs panel after our frustration with the limitation & missing potential of other number toys. 

We wanted our number sorting toy to promote creativity  & offer multiple touch-points for exploration. That's why we designed the wood panels with a large rectangular holding area to provide flexibility in learning. The large area can hold different types of math counters. You can use the included wooden number pieces alone, or you can use any counters of your choice (pebbles, beans, pom poms, etc...)!

Manipulatives for math at this age are excellent ways to deepen number sense. The space allows for double, triple number matching & endless game ideas. Mix the order up, find the missing number, etc...

Why aren't the numbers painted onto the wooden panels?

Again, we wanted our number toy to be a grow-with-your-child toy!! Having separate, movable number pieces frankly provides 100x the learning and game potential!

The way the number pieces are utilized is completely customizable! For younger learners who are still working on number correspondence, parents can place the matching number pieces before the child inserts the pegs.

For learners who are ready to be more independent, the number pieces can be used to order, (mix)match & self-correct before /after pegging, with/without the panels.

Lastly, we opted for our numbers to be laser-etched on to provide a sensorial surface to promote finger tracing.  

What's included in the flashcard set?

The flashcard set includes 26 pages of math goodness including:

➡ basic math & ten frame equations & answers for numbers 1-19
➡ reference guides & keys for number order & ten frame configurations
➡ odd & even number categorization
➡ free access to our 50-page Math Worksheet Download Set (details below)!

 Made with 350 gsm heavy-duty laminated matte paper and bounded  with a (removable) metal ring to hold everything together!

What's included in the Free Math Worksheet Set?

Your purchase comes with free access to our 50-page Beginning Math & Ten Frame Worksheet Set!! It's a complete set designed to help prepare your preschooler and kindergartener for their grade school math. This counting and basic arithmetic worksheet set provides opportunities to practice & understand:

➡ basic number sense place value
➡ odd & even numbers
➡ number writing practice
➡ composing & decomposing numbers in relation to 5 & 10
➡ adding & subtracting from 1-20

For the full table of contents, please click here for more info. 


Teaches counting, number correspondence, composing/decomposing numbers

Supplementary flashcards & free bonus math worksheet download set to enhance learning

Boosts critical thinking skills & number sense

Eco-friendly, solid hardwood designed to last years

Hones fine motor skills

Giftable for any 3-7 year old. The number pieces & pegs come with a tote bag for easy storage. 

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