Swat the CVC Word - An Active Learning Game for CVC Practice

Is your child currently learning how to read? Are they currently working out their CVC words? We love incorporating active learning with new CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words! This simple, yet engaging learning phonics activity really only requires 2 components - post-its & a fly swatter/wand/pointer stick. 

Phonics CVC Activity



Get them moving and learning! Pairing learning with some movement or action describes the concept of "active learning."  🤸‍♀️🤾⛹️🏃 Kids always learn best when they're having fun and engaging multiple senses to "work out" what they're learning.

 I honestly love wall-smacking games because:

  1. Kids love anything that is out of the ordinary 
  2. This activity gets them up and moving and practicing what they've learned without it seeming like "school" 🤸‍♀️


Write a collection of CVC words and put them up on the wall. To get you started, start with common word families that end in -at, -ag, -ub, -et, -ot, -it, etc...

Call out a CVC word for them to find & have them select or "smack" their answer using their fly swatter or other pointing device you have at home. You honestly can make this as elementary or advanced, as fitting for your child.

Tip: Instead of having your child stand in front of the wall and smack away, try having them run from across the room and race to the wall to "get" to their answer. Playing some fun music can take the excitement level up a notch! You can even add in some hop scotch or obstacle course before they get to the wall.



Once they have smacked the word > ask them questions??

➡️ How do you spell it?
➡️ What is its word family?
➡️ Can you tell me a funny sentence using that word? 
➡️ Can you find another word on the wall that rhymes with it?

If you decide to take down the Post-its down at the end of the activity - don't take it down yourself! Do a closure activity with them taking it down one by one and get more CVC practice >

➡️ I am looking for <BLANK> - can you find the word? Great, put the post-it here and let's make a pile for all our words!
➡️ Now can you find a word that rhymes with it?

And so on, and so forth!



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