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Spin-and-Read Blocks & Phonics Flashcard Set || A Foundational Montessori Material for the Beginner Reader


"My preschooler loves her reading blocks. She can now "blend" together different letters and read simple words. She feels so much accomplishment with what she can read because it's so easy to pick up on the sounds and patterns the letters make together."

Grace K.

Love that it's wood. And seriously, hardly any clean-up, if any. Everything is contained and this is our go-to toy to bring when we're on the go."  

Brianna W.

"These blocks + the flashcards are a hit. I looked at different brands for the blocks, and this was the only one that went above and beyond just selling the blocks. The flashcards and tote bag together add so much value."

Kamila B.

Give them the right tools. Help them sound it out. Then let them take the lead. The letters will do its magic. We just help set up the foundation.

"My kindergartener can't get enough of this! She thinks it’s a toy, but I know it’s helping her learn, so it’s a win win. She loved using it to teach her little brothers- another total mom win! This will be something all my kids will enjoy for a long time- I couldn’t recommend it more if I tried!"

- Jen H.

boy and girl practicing how to read

Why phonics?

Jump-start their learning journey today!

Why 3-letter words?

Boy playing with Little Bud Kids Phonetic Reading Blocks & Flashcard Set
Boy playing with Little Bud Kids Phonetic Reading Blocks & Flashcard Set

Why screen-free?

Why flashcards?

Yes, I'm in!
Girl playing with CVC rotating blocks
Boy using his Montessori-inspired reading blocks to learn to read

Why wood?

Why travel-friendly?

Girl holding her travel-friendly phonetic reading blocks
2 girls playing with Little Bud Kids Spin-and-Read Phonetic Blocks, a CVC Phonics Tool

Why delay?

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