House of number buddies
Get your hands on our newest math toy, a number bonds game that will get them adding & subtracting!
Little Bud Kids House of Number Buddies Wooden Numerical Rods for Addition & Subtraction with Addition Strip Board
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House of Number Buddies

Counting Pegs

A numeracy toy for all ages.

Learning made fun.

Toys that empower. Toys that grow with your child. Toys for all the little learners in your life.

Little Bud Kids Number Bonds Math Game with Addition Strip Board and Number Rods

Math Facts gamified.

Addition & subtraction comes to life in this engaging math game.
Boy playing with Little Bud Kids Spin-and-Read Blocks Phonics Toy

Beckon the magic.

A screen-free, multi-sensory phonics toy that makes reading simple.
Little Bud Kids Counting Pegs with Acorn Counters

Counting, Matching, Categorizing.

An introduction to math for your youngest mathematician.

Explore our Counting Pegs Math Toy

Peg it, count it, match it

Get your littlest mathematician to master ordering and number correspondence in no time.

Visual Math & the Ten Frame

Developing visual math skills is not done by pegging randomly-arranged holes. The holes on our panels are based off the design of the ten-frame model, a tool typically used to teach beginning math in schools.

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Addition & Subtraction Practice

For children ready to test their addition & subtraction skills, flashcards offer number facts practice and ensure comprehensive understanding.

Counting Pegs Ten Frame Math Toy Set with Addition & Subtraction Flashcards

Counting Pegs Ten Frame Math Toy Set with Addition & Subtraction Flashcards

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For the beginner mathematician. Ages 3-7.
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Reading Made Easy.

Stumped on how to help your child learn to read? Curious about the Montessori approach to reading?

Screen-free and portable, these rotating phonetic reading blocks & CVC flashcard set introduce letter blending in a straight-forward way, empowering readers to decode, rhyme, and self-correct with ease.

**For all the beginner readers in the world.**

5 Vowel rods. 30 double-sided flashcards. 62 possible real words.

Empowering. Exploratory. Exciting.

Ecocraftkits & Little Bud Kids - Girl playing with wooden phonics toy

"My kindergartener can't get enough of this! She thinks it’s a toy, but I know it’s helping her learn, so it’s a win win. She loved using it to teach her little brothers- another total mom win! This will be something all my kids will enjoy for a long time- I couldn’t recommend it more if I tried!"

-Jen H.

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House of Number Buddies Math Facts Game

How many ways can you make a number? Explore, practice, and master number facts with this engaging multi-sensory math set.

A Montessori-approach to reading.

Take the complexity out of teaching your child how to read. Phonics makes reading extremely accessible. And this toy makes that discovery possible.

Number correspondence.

Beginning math for your youngest math learner. Introduce them to ordering, odd & even, and the ten frame.

shoutouts from our customers


These counting pegs have improved retention in my kids. They are so versatile and absolutely gorgeous. We have so many more ways to play with them! Math is so much fun now.


Well made and AWESOME tool for emerging readers (especially kinesthetic learners). I love that the spin letters can be used with or without the cards.

Julie S.

The ten frames counting pegs by Little Bud Kids is amazing quality and we are so pleased with the product. For our 3 year old, being able to use multi-sensory tools for early math makes it fun and engaging for him. We have a lot of math manipulatives but this set is our favourite by far!

Stacey K.

Great fun for our four year old - appreciate the thoughtfulness in design and packaging so we can take it in the car on a road trip!


These are so great. They spin easily, are clearly very well made, hold up to the abuse my crazy kid subjects them to amazingly well, and are excellent learning tools. The included cards with words and pictures are also great. My kid whips through them, making the wood spinners match the words, but the backside has just the pictures without the words for when he’s ready to take that next step. These are complete learning tools for cvc learning and I’m completely satisfied with them. Strong recommend.

Alice S.

My favourite reading toy! My (then) 3yo uses it to practice his CVC spelling, match the words to the flashcards and read aloud. It also helps strengthen my 2yo's fine motor skills.

Mei T.
Los Angeles, CA

developmental skills

Develop your child's cognitive AND sensory skills with our multi-sensory reading & math toys.

We are influenced by the exploratory and self-discovery educational philosophies of Maria Montessori and our toys are designed to make these ideas acccessible and inviting to the ordinary family.

Give the gift of learning

Designed for multi-stage learning and growth, all our toys engage and challenge children through several learning levels.

Each toy comes with access to supplemental phonics and math facts guides + a downloadable practice worksheet set.

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

We say no to cookie-cutter plastic toys that are often over-stimulating and incredibly harmful to the world.

Our wood is sourced from sustainably-managed forests or are expertly designed out of repurposed wood. We invest in hardwood for our toys to increase durability and longevity.

Certified for Toy Safety

Our toys are free of harmful chemicals, paints, and substances. The wood pieces utilize water-based paints and finishes to ensure absolute safety for children.

We test our toys with TÜV SÜD, a German-based monitoring lab and are proud to exceed all requirements for toy safety in the U.S., UK, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Math for each level.

Little Bud Kids Wooden Rods Number Bonds Set
Little Bud Kids Counting Pegs Ten Frame Counting Toy
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