House of Number Buddies - A Number Bonds Addition & Subtraction Math Game *JUST RELEASED!*

House of Number Buddies - A Number Bonds Addition & Subtraction Math Game *JUST RELEASED!*

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How many ways can you make a number?

Deepen knowledge of addition & subtraction facts with this tactile, number bonds math game set. Journey through the "Land of Number Buddies" with the help of your math tools - 2 sets of number rods, an addition / subtraction grid board, and 50 quests to solve.

In this land, numbers come alive. They live in houses, buddy up together, and visit each other in their homes. Step inside this Land of Numbers and experience how this engaging Montessori number rods math learning toy teaches kids core math concepts - addition, subtraction, regrouping, and parts & wholes.

Master regrouping, number parts & wholes, addition, subtraction, & place value with this exploratory, multi-functional number toy set.


MASTER NUMBER BONDS: This number rods math board game teaches kids core math concepts - addition, subtraction, counting, and parts & wholes. This multi-functional set can be used as a:

  • Number puzzle for preschoolers and kindergarteners
  • Addition & subtraction math manipulative tool for 1st & 2nd graders
  • Fun math board game for all kids 4 - 8 years old.

IMPROVE ABSTRACT MATH SKILLS: Join Bailey the Bunny to find all the different ways numbers pair up together to make another number. 50 game cards prompt children to explore how numbers up to 20 can be regrouped into different parts and ordered in various ways. The lengths on the wooden number rods increase incrementally for each number, thus providing a visual framework for understanding the relationship between value and length.

  • 1 Wooden Game Box with Lid
  • 2 Sets of Double-sided Wooden Rods #s 1-10
  • 1 Set of Number Cubes 0-20 and + - = Signs
  • 1 Addition / Subtraction Grid Game Board
  • 50 Game Cards
  • 1 Play Instruction Sheet with Addition Control Chart
  • 1 Downloadable Point Tracker Sheet. Click HERE to download.
  • Free access to our downloadable 5-page Number Bonds Sampler Set. For more info click HERE.

Made with durable, repurposed solid rubberwood from Thailand. Lab-tested safe for child safety.

Discover that math is everywhere.

House of Number Buddies Number Rods Math Puzzle

Multi-functional Number Rods

Little Bud Kids Number Bonds Number Rods Pyramid

Digit & Name Matching

Match a number's name to its digit. Digits and names share the same font color which gives children visual clues of value correspondence.

  • Colors on the rods match the color scheme of Montessori colored bead stairs*
  • Serves as a resourceful complementary number resource for home use
Odd vs. Even Numbers with Number Rods

Odd vs. Even Numbers

Introduce your child to the difference between odd & even numbers. Odd rods are a honey shade; even rods are a cream shade.

  • See numerical patterns and ordering
  • Deepen understanding of arithmetic differences between these 2 types of numbers
Number rods with lines, Montessori rods, Cuisenaire rods

Lined Rods for Mental Math Practice

Number rods are double-sided for mental math practice & encourages subitizing (the ability to see a number's value without counting).

  • Matching # of squares for each rod
  • 5th bar line is bolded for rods 6-10
Little Bud Kids House of Number Buddies Wooden Numerical Rods for Addition & Subtraction with Addition Strip Board
Girl stacking Number Rods, Math Toy for Kids 4 - 8 years old, House of Number Buddies by Little Bud Kids
Girl Playing with Number Bonds Wooden Math Game by Little Bud Kids
Kids Wooden Math Game Number Pieces from Little Bud Kids Number Bonds Toy

Master number family facts, the fun way.

See & understand all the different ways numbers can be broken apart & joined together. With this number set, "2 + 4 = 6" takes on a whole new meaning of fun with the concept of our Number Houses 🏠 and Number Buddies.

Which number buddies can you find in 🏠 House Number 6 at one time?

Explore with this Addition Grid Board.

Explore fact families up to 20. Our board, while similar to the Montessori Addition Strip Board, goes all the way up to number 20, instead of 18. Every 5th line is bolded to provide children with a visual reference point for 5s and 10s, a concept similar to Ten Frame Math.
Montessori Addition Strip Board with Number Rods by Little Bud Kids

Master Parts-Wholes-Fractions.

Parts and wholes can be a very abstract concept to children. These gradient-length rods gives meaning to the connection between value & length. The bolded 5th line of rod numbers 6 - 10 gives children a visual reference for thinking in groups of 5 & 10.
House of Number Buddies Wooden Number Rods Number Bonds Game

Explore why spirals work.

Girl making spiral with number rods by Little Bud Kids

Can you spell your number?

Matching digits with number names using wooden rods by Little Bud Kids

Open-ended play.

Open-ended play with Number Rods

⭐ Developmental Benefits  ⭐

✔️ Teaches digit & written number correspondence 
✔️ Teaches number bonds - math fact families up to 20
✔️ Teaches subitizing, the precursor to mental math
✔️ Teaches parts & wholes of numbers & regrouping
✔️ Teaches odd & even number differentiation
✔️ Boosts critical thinking skills & number sense

Little Bud Kids Math Flashcards for Number Bonds Practice

Quest Cards

  • 50 math equations on sturdy, blue-core cards
  • Categorized by difficulty level & task
  • Keep an eye out for Bailey the Bunny on the cards!

Number Bonds Worksheet Set

Shop our complementary Number Bonds Worksheet Set. Practice & understand:

  • number bonds & fact families
  • regrouping
  • parts-wholes-fractions
  • addition & subtraction
  • math in the real world

Want to see a sample first? Click HERE to get our 5-page sampler set for a glimpse of the content!

Get Full Worksheet Set
Quest Point Sheet Tracker for House of Number Buddies Math Bonds Game

Point Tracker Sheet

Want to see how fast you're mastering those number fact families?

Download our free Quest Point Tracker to keep track of your progress each time you play!

Encourages accuracy and progress. Download HERE.

Little Bud Kids Number Bonds Rod Pyramids
Number Bonds Math Manipulatives for creating addition equations


Learning concepts

Strengthens mental math, place value, addition & subtraction skills.

Develops understanding of regrouping and prepares for multiplication, division, etc...


Eco-friendly, non-toxic solid hardwood designed to last years. Wooden toys made with hardwood are much more durable than softwood, plywood, & MDF.

Multi-Functional Gift

Giftable for kids 4-8 years old. This self-contained all-in-one set travels well and provides multiple avenues of play.

giving back

A portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes towards educating a refugee child living in Malaysia. Click HERE for more details. 

Smart storage.

Keep everything contained. Flat or on its side, this box can do it.
Wooden Storage Box for Toys by Little Bud Kids

Worksheet Practice.

Want some more practice? Get math-y with our Number Bonds Worksheet Set. Choose between our free 5-page sampler set or the full version.

Invitation to Play.

How many different ways can you build a puzzle of 10?

Bring on the free play.

So many uses for number cubes 0 - 20. Write equations with them, order them, separate them out by odd vs. even, skip count, & more!
Even vs Odd Numbers Skip Counting Math Game

Plastic-free & Durable

Number Bonds Wooden Rods Math Toy Wooden Montessori Toys

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the colors of the text and bar lines match the colors on your Montessori bead stairs, except for #4. Number 4 is a light green instead of yellow, so there is some contrast with the color of the wood.

The addition strip board used in Montessori math allows for addition up to 18. Our board follows this concept but allows addition up to 20 as this matches the value of our rods. Our boards also provide bolded lines every 5th line for visual reference points of values of 5, 10, 15, and 20. The foldable design also makes this set an all-enclosed, individual, travel-friendly set.

Great question! While our rods are similar to Cuisenaire Rods in its increasing gradient lengths, the value of our rods are also determined by these added designs: the digit + name + # of squares on the back. As we also incorporate Montessori philosophies into our design, we focus on using just 2 rod colors (honey & cream) instead of 10 different colors. This is to aide with visual focus and provide understanding of odd & even number patterns.

You can download our 5-page Number Bonds SAMPLER set HERE. This is a sample of the complete version of our full worksheet set, which can be purchased HERE.

Absolutely! We only use safe, water-based finish on our beech wood blocks. All of our products go through stringent lab testing to ensure that we are not only compliant to Toy Safety Standards, but that we exceed those standards including: US (ASTM-F963), Canada (SOR 2011-7 & SOR 2018), Australia & New Zealand (ISO 8124), the EU & UK (BS EN-71), and Japan (JFSL).

We are proud to offer a wood toy that is not only safe for your kids, but for the environment. 

If there are any issues with your set, please contact us right away! We will be happy to make it right for you!