Counting Pegs Ten Frame Math Toy Set with Addition & Subtraction Flashcards

Counting Pegs Ten Frame Math Toy Set with Addition & Subtraction Flashcards

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For the beginner mathematician.

Master number sense and learn counting, addition, subtraction, & place value with this tactile number toy set.

AGE RANGE: 3 - 7


  • Use it as a number puzzle: Toddlers learn counting & number correspondence.
  • Use it as an addition tool & math material: Children in preschool, early elementary, primary school will be able to understand the concept of number parts & wholes and practice this up to number 20. They will progress from seeing addition as being an abstract idea to concretely adding & subtracting on their own using the ten-frame number panels.

MULTI-SENSORY NUMBER EXPLORATION: Our "ten-frame" panels helps children learn how to compose & decompose numbers in relation to 5 & 10. The wooden pegs and movable number pieces reinforce number concepts and provides a visual and tactile framework to see, feel, and understand the math behind the toy.

REINFORCE MATH FACTS: Our addition & subtraction flashcard set helps children test their number sense and provides opportunities to review the concepts they are learning.

  • 10 number panels
  • 59 odd & even-designated matching pegs (cylinders for odd and cuboids for even)
  • Matching number tiles 1-20
  • + - = tiles
  • Flashcard set (26 cards)
  • Free access to our downloadable 50-page Beginning Math Ten Frame Worksheet Set. For more info click HERE.

Made with durable, repurposed solid rubberwood from Thailand & New Zealand pine wood.

Finally, a numeracy toy that grows with your child.

Our Counting Pegs math set is inspired by the Montessori philosophy that toys & material should be multi-sensory, self-corrective, and natural. This math toy helps establish a strong numerical foundation by emphasizing visual recognition of number value.

Allowing children to build upon their learning in logical, connected stages makes learning more fun & exciting.

VERSATILITY for Multi-Level LEarning

Little Bud Kids Counting Pegs Number Tracing with finger

Counting Mastery & Number Recognition

Develop one-on-one correspondence between the written number and its value.

  • Learn to count by placing each peg into the hole
  • Match, re-order, and self-check
  • Number charts in set encourage self-correction

Little Bud Kids Counting Pegs Odd & Even Number Differentiation

Odd & Even Number Identification

Introduce your child to the difference between odd & even numbers. Our odd / even design helps with pattern recognition and prepares children for addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc...

  • Odd # boards = circle holes + matching cylinder rods
  • Even # boards = square holes + matching cuboid rods
Little Bud Kids Counting Pegs Ten Frame Number Panels for Addition

Ten Frame Panels Develop Number Sense

Our number sorting toy promotes creativity, exploration, & the opportunity to create multiple touch-points for learning. This same set can will grow with your child.

The ten frame math design helps children identify the number of things in a set by quickly looking at them vs. counting. This learning skill is called "subitizing" and is an important math skill in preparation for addition.

⭐ Developmental Benefits  ⭐

✔️ Teaches counting & number correspondence 
✔️ Teaches how to compose & decompose numbers
✔️ Teaches odd & even number differentiation
✔️ Boosts critical thinking skills & number sense
✔️ Hones fine-motor skills

Addition & Subtraction Flashcards and Ten Frame Math Cards by Little Bud Kids

Addition & Subtraction Flashcards


  • basic math & ten frame equations & answers
  • reference guides for ten frame configurations + odd & even

Made with 350 gsm heavy-duty laminated matte paper and bounded with a (removable) metal ring to hold everything together.

Little Bud Kids Counting Pegs Movable Number Tiles

Number Tiles + Arithmetic Signs

These pieces invite lots of active play and exploration.


  • Number tiles 1-20
  • + - = Sign

Stand them up, arrange them in order, arrange them by 2's, skip count them, play dominos with them.

Beginning Math & Ten Frame Math Worksheets, Kindergarten Math Addition & Subtraction Worksheets by Little Bud Kids

50-page Worksheet Set Access

This counting and basic arithmetic worksheet set provides opportunities to practice & understand:

  • number sense & place value
  • odd & even numbers
  • number writing practice
  • composing & decomposing numbers in relation to 5 & 10
  • adding & subtracting from 1-20


Counting Pegs Math Manipulatives with Glass Beads
Girl learning how to count using Counting Pegs Math Panels by Little Bud Kids
Montessori Toy for Toddlers - Little Bud Kids Counting Pegs Ten Frame Number Toy for Preschoolers, Kindergarteners, 1st Graders. A math manipulative toy that teachers number sense, counting, and basic arithmetic
Girl learning how to count using Counting Pegs Math Panels by Little Bud Kids
Playful Porter and Little Bud Kids - Counting Pegs Math Set with Fall Theme

Move Them, Hold Them.

Learning concepts

Strengthens counting, place value, addition & subtraction skills.

Develops number sense & hones fine motor skills


Eco-friendly, solid hardwood designed to last years. Wooden toys made with hardwood are much more durable than softwood, plywood, & MDF.

All-in-One Math Gift

Giftable for kids 3-7 years old. Comes with access to a 50-page beginning math worksheet set.

giving back

A portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes towards educating a refugee child living in Malaysia. Click HERE for more details. 

From our customers


The ten frames counting pegs by Little Bud Kids is amazing quality and we are so pleased with the product. For our 3 year old, being able to use multi-sensory tools for early math makes it fun and engaging for him. We have a lot of math manipulatives but this set is our favourite by far!

Stacey Q.

These are SO well made! The ring comes with it to hold the cards together too. Everything is just so nice and sturdy, including the cards. I 100% would buy again. Also bought the spin and read blocks and they're also exceptional quality.


These counting pegs have improved retention in my kids. They are so versatile and absolutely gorgeous. We have so many more ways to play with them! Math is so much fun now. Thanks so much for sharing our journey with your customers.


I think the workmanship and materials are very good. Adding the drawstring bag is a great idea. You seem to cover all aspects, in a very thorough and professional manner. I also appreciate how easy it is to communicate with you and your prompt responses. I give you a grade of A+. Kudos to you and your staff.

Grace K.

Bring on the math counters!

The beauty of this set is that each panel is cut out to hold counters of your choice. Pom poms, pebbles, cheerios, beans, and beads make the counting practice double the fun!
Twotolove_bairantwins and Little Bud Kids Counting Pegs Math Counters

Addition & Subtraction Worksheet Set

Our set provides free access to 50 pages of fun beginning math practice.

Invitation to Play

Get some baskets and let the material do the inviting!
Little Bud Kids Montessori Baskets & Math Materials

Plastic-free & Durable

Counting Pegs Wooden Toys for Kids

Frequently asked questions

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Absolutely! We only use safe, water-based finish on our beech wood blocks. All of our products go through stringent lab testing to ensure that we are not only compliant to Toy Safety Standards, but that we exceed those standards including: US (ASTM-F963), Canada (SOR 2011-7 & SOR 2018), Australia & New Zealand (ISO 8124), the EU & UK (BS EN-71), and Japan (JFSL).

We are proud to offer a wood toy that is not only safe for your kids, but for the environment. 

If there are any issues with your set, please contact us right away! We will be happy to make it right for you!